It recovers tooth color to natural and inherent white of permanent tooth newly come out.

It makes tooth color white by applying specific solution containing titanium oxide on tooth and irradiation of LED light.

It is new whitening system that everybody can use readily and easily.

The treatment is a self-system which is operated by customers themselves and specific technique is not necessary.

The specific solution is neither irritative nor harmful and is secure and safety.

It is totally new type whitening without pain and/or having a sensitive tooth which are suffered in conventional whitening.

After irradiation of LED, although the mark like white stripe or spot will slightly appear on teeth, please be assured because it is the evidence that the medicine works effectively. The slightly dappled part will disappear after about 24 hours.

In the average, the color became brighter by 2 tones in 98% of the customers. There are the customers that the characteristics of medicine was especially matched well with them and their tooth color was brightened by more than 5 tones.


Mechanism of tooth whitening by SELF-WHITENING


Titanium oxide is formulated in BEATY WHITE solution.

Titanium oxide is highly safety inorganic compound which is used in various applications such as cosmetics and medical supplies including food, toothpaste.

Photo-catalyst is generated by the irradiation of safe and special LED light of BEATY WHITE MACHINE to the part of teeth with titanium oxide.

As its efficacy,

  1. dirt decomposition function,
  2. antibacterial and sterilizing function,
  3. deodorization function,

will be obtained.

As the results of the functions above, it becomes possible to regain inherent and beautiful tooth white.


In addition, because of the characteristics of the medicine, the preventive effect to colored stain in gums, halitosis, dental caries and periodontal disease is expectable and there are many customers who visit our shop for the purposes of not only tooth whitening, but also their care of gums.


SELF-WHITENING subject to tooth health maintenance is safe. Advice about the care after whitening.


This treatment has no risk at all to damage tooth, because this is different from a whitening in dentist’s office where tooth was shaved, or strong medical solution was infiltrated into teeth and gums.

Because the treatment will be carried out without any risk, this is very safe


In addition, this whitening is easier because any dietary restriction is unnecessary. Two sets of irradiations (30 minutes x 2) are no problem because tooth color will be recovered better to inherent white as the irradiation time is longer.

After the whitening, stain is more hardly attached to tooth because the surface condition of tooth became just as it was coated.


Let’s form a habit to drink water or rinse mouth in any case after eating and/or drinking something.


Let’s try tooth brushing hard and carefully because the effect after a week will be promising. Further about one tone up after a week was achieved in most of customers.



Comparison of whitening


Main components of medical solution

Light source


Influence on a human body




Conventional whitening

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide solution higher than 6% is being designated as a deleterious substance in Japan and hydrogen peroxide solution of high concentration more than 30% has been used in conventional whitening.)

Strong heat is generated from the light sources such as halogen lamp.

By using highly concentrated medical solution, tooth is whitened by one time of treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical with very strong bleaching activity used in oxydol and hair coloring material etc. and the solution of high concentration causes pain when it attaches to gums.

Whitening carried out in dentist’s office is, simply speaking, “to bleach teeth”.


LaBellevie’s whitening

Titanium oxide

Strong heat is not generated from LED light source.

Some degree of whitening effect is expectable by only one time of the treatment, however, the continuous treatment will preserve the effect.


There is no harmful effect even when titanium oxide is used and incorporated into human body. There is no pain even when the solution attaches to teeth and gums and it will suppress the growth of periodontal disease bacteria and remove the dental plaque.

Active components of the solution will delaminate yellowing dirt from tooth and remove it.


Procedure of treatment

Tooth brushing


Wiping moisture away

Set up mouth prop and remove moisture on surface of tooth


Spraying of medicine solution

Spray medicine solution on tooth


LED irradiation

Irradiate LED light on tooth for 30 minutes.


Tooth brushing once more and the procedure was completed.